FEA outsourcing and customs clearance

Outsourcing (from English outsourcing: external source) –is the transfer by the organization of certain functions or some part of business processes to perform  at other company which specializes in the relevant field.

Basic principle of outsourcing: "I leave myself only that I can do better than others, outsourced that he does better than others".


Referring to the basic principle of outsourcing, our company is ready to offer the Clients the following list of services:

1) searching of goods of foreign suppliers

2) Order product samples

3) Negotiating with suppliers

4) Payment for goods

5) Arranging of complex delivery of goods from the supplier to the Client

6) Document flow control

7) Customs clearance of goods on arrival to the Russian Federation

8) Payment of customs duties and fees


The main advantage of outsourcing is that the Client has no need to create own department of foreign economic activities, as well as to hire a staff of highly paid professionals that in turn significantly reduce financial expenses, saves time and protects nerves of the Client.

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